Cat claws – 101 – critical information which every cat owner should know.

We will start from the end: for owners, cat’s claws are not the most pleasant to associate with. Let’s face it. Who did not have scratched hands when trying to give medications, when combing or speaking about the devil trimming claws? Who did not feel these needles when the blissful cat decided to show his […]

My cat won’t let me sleep at night! What to do?

Your cat doesn’t want to sleep at night? Do you feel notoriously tired by your cat’s night activity? You are not alone – more than half of the pet owner does not sleep peacefully at night. The popularity of cats is constantly growing, and with it, new cat lovers are coming. The percentage of keepers […]

How do I get my cat to stop biting and scratching me?

My cat is so aggressive! For no reason, he jumps on my hand a then bites and scratch! Sound familiar? Or your friends were complaining about it? Have you seen posts asking for help on ‘cat-related Facebook groups’? If you have answered ‘yes’ at least once, it’s no surprise – aggression towards a keeper is […]